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In Home Child Care Services in Brisbane Area & Queensland

In home child care in Brisbane & Queensland: All you need to know

Does your family have circumstances that make it difficult to access mainstream child care options such as centre based care and family day care? Then in home care might be a suitable option for you.

Here’s everything you need to know about in home child care, including what it is and how much it costs. We’ll also cover how your family can access help and support to find an in home child care service provider in Queensland.

What is in home child care?

In home care is an approved form of child care that is funded by the Australian government. It is designed to support families whose circumstances make it difficult for them to access other forms of mainstream child care.

If your family is suitable for in home care, you will be able to choose an in home care service provider in Queensland. The in home care service provider will match you with a suitable educator to deliver in child care in your own home. The education and care your child receives will be tailored to meet their needs and the circumstances of your child.

All in home care educators are qualified, or working towards a Certificate 3 level qualification. There are many in home care educators who hold a higher qualification such as a diploma or bachelor level degree in early childhood education and care. In home care educators are also required to have a current first aid certificate. This ensures that they will know what to do if an emergency arises.

As the In Home Care Support Agency for Queensland, we are here to support you. We connect suitable families with in home care service providers that meet your needs. We will work with you throughout your entire in home care experience.


Who is eligible for in home child care in Queensland?

To be eligible for in home child care, you must meet a number of requirements.

Firstly, you must be eligible for the child care subsidy.

Secondly, no other form of child care – such as centre based day care or family day care – is available or accessible to you.

Thirdly, your family meets one of the following requirements:

  • You live in a remote or rural area
  • You work non-standard hours
  • Your family is experiencing complex or challenging needs

If you meet all of the above criteria, you may be suitable for in home care.


How much does in home child care in Brisbane cost?

To be able to access in home child care, your family has to be eligible for the child care subsidy (CCS). This will subsidise some of the cost of care you receive for your child. However in most cases, there is an out of pocket cost that you will have to cover.

All in home child care service providers set their own fees. This is something you can discuss with them when choosing the right service provider for your family.

The In Home Care Support Agency is here for you

If in home care sounds like the right option for you and your child, the In Home Care Support Agency can help you every step of the way. We can connect you with home child care service providers in Queensland, and offer you our support to make sure there is a good match between you and the service provider.

If you would like more information and advice, please contact us and our team will be happy to help.

Australia’s Leading Home Care Agency

Australia’s Leading Home Care Agency (ALHCA) formally only known as Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency is owned and operated by a passionate mother/daughter team and their tribe of 16 other successful and passionate women.
Launched in 1999 we unquestionably consider ourselves to be the top educator placement agency in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales, leading the way in customer service and the quality of care provided. We have a very simple automated registration process and try to minimise the stress and complexity that can sometimes be faced whilst navigating the Child Care Subsidy System.

  • Servicing Queensland Wide –Metro, Rural, Remote and Beyond
  • No Registration fees
  • We fill shifts of 3-12 hours in length
  • Any time of day or night
  • Any day of the week
  • You will either select from our pool of educators, or we can run a recruitment campaign specifically for your family
  • You can also BYO Educator
  • Child safety is our number one priority

Bambini Child Care Service

Bambini Child Care Services have been providing in home care and family day care services to families for over twelve years. Our service provides in home child care in inner city Victoria along with rural locations.

  • Our educators are qualified in children’s services or are currently studying child care
  • Regular home visits are conducted with the educator and children, along with regular calls and support
  • Providing administration and support to families and their needs
  • Ensuring national standards are maintained and improved

Contact Details

0401 092 307


Beaucare is a community based, not for profit organisation established to provide quality child care to meet families’ needs since 1993.

Contact Details

1300 416 733 or 07 5541 4216

Capricornia In Home Care

Capricornia In Home Care provides home-based child care for families who are unable to access mainstream child care services.

Contact Details

0439 065 022

Churches of Christ Care

Churches of Christ Care operates various services for children aged from 0 to 16 years.

Their early childhood services were developed with a focus on community needs, and include centre-based care, home-based care and community-based care, all with flexible support options.

Contact Details

07 4122 4153

Goondiwindi Family Day Care

Goondiwindi and District Family Day Care is situated on the border of New South Wales and Queensland in a rural community.

In-home care is provided for eligible families with specific needs. The hours of care are flexible and can be matched to a family’s needs

Contact Details

07 4671 4500

Leor In Home Early Learning

Leor In Home Early Learning employs experienced early childhood educators to deliver quality education and care that is tailored to the needs of your child. With individual learning programs that are designed to advance your child’s learning and development, we bring the daycare experience to your home.

All Leor educators are supervised by a lead Educator who is available to you to discuss the goals you want your child to achieve.

Contact Details

02 9051 0511

Murilla In Home Care

We aim to provide quality care for children through appropriately trained and approved educators. Our educators are assessed for suitability and skills by the staff of our Coordination Unit.

We also aim to promote social, emotional, intellectual and physical development in children through appropriate interaction and activities.

Contact Details

07 4627 2027

Northern Rivers Children’s Services

Since 1980, Northern Rivers Children’s Services has been providing quality childcare and community care services. We currently service from Palm Beach in Queensland to Casino and surrounding areas in NSW.

We provide a full spectrum of care choices for all children. In home care educators have a great responsibility. Our in home care educators are dedicated professionals who are caring for children in the children’s own homes, with the support of a large specialist team.

Peachie Kids

Peachie Kids has been developed and is run by shift working mothers who completely understand the complexities and challenges of being a shift working parent. We are dedicated to making In Home Care accessible, affordable and will support and guide you through the process.

We empower parents to have an active role in selecting the best educator to suit their family’s specific needs and ensure that educators understand the flexibility and reliability required to care for children of shift workers.

Our mission is to release the burden of juggling shift work and child care enabling shift workers to go to work knowing that children are being cared for by a professional, qualified, understanding educator in the comfort and safety of the family home.

Contact Details

(03) 9052 4865, or call Jill on 0433 030 370, or Sarah on 0430 221 061

Uniting Care

Life in the outback can have its challenges. When you’re trying to raise young ones, it’s good to have someone working with you to bring the right family support, early education and care solutions within reach.

Uniting Care specialises in supporting rural and remote communities through quality, innovative and individualised services and resources that meet the needs of you and your child.

Wesley Mission Queensland

Wesley Mission Queensland has been caring for the community for over 100 years and have more than 50 years of experience in child care.

Their child care services are offered in a community environment that recognises and respects the individuality, ability and potential of each child. Educational programs allow children to express themselves and learn about the world around them through play.

Contact Details

1300 865 308