In Home Child Care Services

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Responsibilities of a service

In home care services have a responsibility to:

  • Direct all families and support services in need of in home care to the In Home Care Support Agency
  • Provide education and care in accordance with the Family Management Plan
  • Engage qualified educators
  • Ensure educators are registered through PRODA
  • Monitor the quality of care provided by the educator
  • Support educators through resourcing and guidance
  • Maintain a register of educators and their qualifications
  • Notify the Department and the In Home Care Support Agency of any notifiable incident within 24 hours
  • Notify the In Home Care Support Agency within 7 days of a child ceasing to be enrolled
  • Undertake regular home inspections and submit site visit reports to the In Home Care Support Agency
  • Complete regular reports to the In Home Care Support Agency on placements, children and families
  • Provide the Department and the In Home Care Support Agency, 42 days’ notice of ceasing to provide an In Home Care Service

How we support services

Our role as a support agency is to connect eligible families with in home care services that met their needs.

If you’re a service provider, there are a number of ways we work together to support you including:

  • Updating you on any changes made by the department that affect service delivery
  • Monitoring service provision to ensure in home care is delivered effectively and efficiently
  • Reimbursing your costs to visit families who live in inner regional, outer regional, remote or very remote locations
  • Making recommendations to the department about the allocation of in home care places to your service
  • Providing you with a range of resources to help you in the delivery of high quality in home care
  • Acting as the first contact point for feedback and complaints
  • Working with you in response to any feedback and complaints we may receive about your service

How to become a service

We are always open to working with organisations that would like to offer in home care.

Only Approved Providers and Approved Services can provide in home care and you must be approved for the child care subsidy. As a provider, if you are currently offering other kinds of approved child care, you must obtain a separate service approval to offer in home care.

Here are the steps to take to become an in home care service provider:

  • Be approved by the Australian Government
  • Be able to recruit and support high quality educators
  • Be able to meet reporting requirements

If you’re thinking about offering in home care, please contact us.

We will provide you with more eligibility information and assist you in determining whether in home care is a good fit for your business. We will also register your interest.

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