IHC Handbook and National Guidelines

The In Home Care National guidelines have been developed to provide clear and consistent information about the service type, eligibility criteria to access it and requirements underpinning the service offering. The guidelines also provide information about the national IHC program delivery model including the role of IHC Support Agencies established to provide support to families and assist services and educators in delivering care.  Whilst the In Home Care Handbook complements the In Home Care National Guidelines and the Child Care Provider Handbook. The IHC Handbook outlines the operational policy for the IHC program delivered through a network of IHC Support Agencies.

The Australian Government has engaged IHC Support Agencies to service each state and territory. The IHC Support Agencies play a key role in program delivery by advocating for families, brokering care arrangements, and matching families to suitable IHC Services. They interact with the IHC Services to ensure national consistency in the approach to service delivery.


In Home Care HandbookIn Home Care National Guidelines