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Family Resources

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Home Safety

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Families’ Key Responsibilities

Prior to applying for In Home Care (IHC), the family must submit a claim for CCS to Services Australia

Application Process

When applying for In Home Care (IHC) the family is required to provide information regarding their situation, along with evidence to support their eligibility for the program and to assist with the preparation of the Family Management Plan.

The family will be asked to supply:

  • Evidence of Child Care Subsidy (CCS) eligibility
  • Evidence to support their application regarding the IHC eligibility criteria (refer Quick Guide to In Home Care Evidence). Evidence requested may include:
    • Certified advice from a registered health professional that the family or child has complex or challenging needs
    • Advice from the employer that parent(s) are required to work non-standard and/or variable hours
    • Advice from approved child care service(s) that they are not able to meet the family’s requirements
    • Distance and estimated travel time to the nearest available approved child care service and/or
    • Any other relevant documentation requested by the IHC Support
  • Signed Privacy Notice
  • Parent/Guardian employment details (if applicable)
  • Children’s needs and the education and care required
  • Third-party services the children or family is accessing
  • Other forms of care children accessed – including hours being used
  • Name of schools/child care services being accessed

Choosing an approved In Home Care Service

  • Parents/Guardians will be asked to choose an IHC Service from a list provided by the IHC Support Agency (refer to Quick Guide to Choosing a Service Provider)
  • Parents/Guardians must review the Complying Written Arrangement (CWA) prepared by the IHC Service and found in their MyGov account
  • Parents/Guardians must indicate to the IHC Service their preference for the nominated child for the sessions of care (the IHC Service will enrol children in IHC and nominate an eligible child for each session of care)

Quarterly Review

  • Parents/Guardians must complete quarterly reviews with the IHC Support Agency to maintain eligibility for the program. The IHC Support Agency will contact the family in the month prior, via email, to schedule a Quarterly Review on a day and at a time that is suitable for the family.
  • Quarterly Reviews provide an opportunity for the family to update details contained in the Family Management Plan such as hours, additional children, education and care requirements and eligibility

Change of circumstances

The family must:

  • Update their details with Services Australia (via their MyGov account), where there is a change in the family’s circumstances
  • Advise the IHC Support Agency and the In Home Care Service Provider of any change in their circumstances or if the family has concerns in relation to the education and care being provided.

Definition of change in circumstance includes:

  • Change of working hours
  • Change of parent/guardian working role
  • Change of address
  • Change in family circumstances e. relationship status
  • New additions to the family

Physical Home Environment

It is a condition of approval that an IHC Service only provides care in a safe home environment and the family must take all necessary steps to ensure the physical environment is safe for the provision of care, both for the children and the educator.

The family must give the IHC Service access to the family home to facilitate a safety assessment of the home before care commences.