Non-standard hours Child Care

Which childcare is open on weekends or overnight?

The world of work has changed drastically in recent years, and many people no longer work the standard hours of 9-5, Monday to Friday. This has an effect on families with children. If your job involves working outside of normal business hours, or you have to work irregular shifts, it can be difficult to find the day and night childcare you need.

This is a major problem for people who work across a number of industries, including nursing, catering and retail, to name just a few. More and more of us now need overnight childcare or childcare options for weekend care due to the demands of our working lives. Child care centres have failed to keep pace with these changes, as most are still only open during regular business hours.

We want to make parents who need night time or weekend childcare aware that in-home care is an option which is constantly available, providing you with safe, accredited childcare that fits in with your working hours.


24 hour in-home child care is available

In-home child care is the most practical option for parents who work non-standard hours. A highly qualified educator comes to your home and cares for your children in their own environment when you can’t be there. This is an ideal childcare for night workers, or those who need childcare on the weekends.

If you are suddenly called into work or you have another urgent reason to be away from home, we can also provide you with emergency after hours childcare. This gives you peace of mind that your children are being cared for by a specialist while you are not there.


Find out more about after hours or weekend childcare

In-home care is an approved type of child care, and you might be suitable for Child Care Subsidy if in-home child care is the best option for you.

If you are currently having trouble arranging weekend childcare or overnight care for your children, and you would like to find out more about in-home care, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.