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How much does Child Care cost?

In home child care is a great option for families who meet the suitability criteria.  However, there are costs involved. Child care cost depends on two things:

1. Fees

Every educator sets their own in home child care rates. This is something that will be discussed with you when you are making your decisions about in home care, enabling you to find an educator who can provide the right care for your child at the right price.

2. Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

You must be suitable for Child Care Subsidy (CSS) to help with your fees for in home care. You can find out more about this here.

3. Find out more about the cost of in home child care

Every family is different, so the cost of your in home child care will depend on your individual needs and circumstances. The in home Care Support Agency is here to help you find all the information you need, including finding out more about the cost of in home child care. Please contact us for more information and support.