Courageous Conversations

What is a Courageous Conversation?

Courageous conversations are those that are initiated with the purpose of discussing issues that are difficult and uncomfortable, such as talking about systemic racism or lack of women in leadership. The nature of these types of conversations means that emotions are often very high and it can be embarrassing, awkward, and just plain stressful for those involved. These kinds of conversations take courage and require openness, authenticity, a safe place, and honesty to make it work.

Courageous conversations are not just about the skills needed to get through the hard bits though; it’s also about using inclusive and purposeful language to move the conversation forward in the right way.  Although it’s challenging to get through, it’s an opportunity to build positive relationships and acknowledge the barriers that make work-life integration nearly impossible for so many.

How to Have Courageous Conversations in the Workplace


Rights of Children

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